Vera Bradley Taps Collaborative Tech to Expedite Merchandising Decision-Making

 Vera Bradley Taps Collaborative Tech to Expedite Merchandising Decision-Making

Bag and luggage brand Vera Bradley has introduced new efficiencies into its merchandising processes, bringing in collaborative elements and tools to help with design decision-making. 

The company recently finished integrating its product lifecycles management system into a design platform that bridges the gap between art and merchandising teams. The technology from VibeIQ improves access to the company’s product data and visual assets, making them available to users in apps where they can better collaborate and expedite product launches. 

Now, Vera Bradley associates will be able to reduce time to market by speeding up the time it takes to review design concepts and synchronizing merchandising and design efforts through a streamlined platform. 

Lisa Strubel, VP of product design and development at Vera Bradley, said the technology’s intuitive design and real-time collaboration capabilities have streamlined processes for the company.  

“With features like direct integration from PLM and easy CAD attachment, VibeIQ bridges the gap between design and merchandising seamlessly. It empowers us to make informed decisions, visualize our product line, and work concurrently with ease.”

These tool sets have been critical for Vera Bradley’s iterative approach to concept and design, added Strubel.

Vera Bradley, Inc. operates two lifestyle brands: Vera Bradley and Pura Vida. The initial company was founded in 1982, and in 2019 it acquired a 75% interest in Pura Vida, based in La Jolla, California.

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