OMRON Launches New Integrated Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

 OMRON Launches New Integrated Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

OMRON announced the launch of its new mid-range AMRs, the MD-650 and MD-900 in the U.S. and Canada, with mobile robotic equipment (MRE) from ROEQ.

TML500/TML750 Lifter is a flat top lifter solution that enables the MD-series to safely pick up, transport and drop off pallets and cargo up to 1,120 pounds with the MD-650 and 1,680 pounds with MD-900. A new ROEQ PR750 Pallet Rack is also available with a space-saving Multi Rack option. An optional ROEQ Cargo Sensor Kit provides additional control to ensure goods stay in place on the AMR. The Lifter is available for both U.S. and Euro pallets.

TR600/TR700 Roller is a heavy-duty top roller that allows the MD-series to pick up and deliver heavy goods, up to 1,490 pounds between conveyor stations. The full solution includes the award-winning ROEQ GuardCom system which provides additional safety and efficiency when transferring between the top roller and the receiving station, using robust sensor technology.

Both modules come with ROEQ Assist software for fast and consistent set up and are compliant with safety standards. A ROEQ cart solution, boosting the payload capacity of the MD-series, will be released later this year.

For the lifter solution, the ROEQ Assist software weaves the three building blocks – AMR, lifter module and pallet rack – into a full solution working as one. The same goes for the roller solution, where AMR, roller module and the GuardCom System all are configured by the same ROEQ Assist tool. The close integration delivers a smooth setup and installation experience and shows its real strength in daily high and reliable performance, resulting in overall better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The integrated OMRON/ROEQ solution will have its public U.S. debut at the MODEX show in Atlanta, GA, March 11-14 at ROEQ Booth A10912. Attendees can experience the new OMRON MD-650 with the ROEQ TML500 Lifter.

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