SOLiTHOR Gears Up to 500 Charging-Discharging Cycles Whilst Continuing Apace With Very Little Capacity Lost

 SOLiTHOR Gears Up to 500 Charging-Discharging Cycles Whilst Continuing Apace With Very Little Capacity Lost

SINT-TRUIDEN, Belgium, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Since its inception in 2022, SOLiTHOR has made huge advancements in its battery technology development. SOLiTHOR’s all-solid-state lithium metal Gen1 prototype pouch cell has reached a milestone of 500 cycles, at full charge-discharge, with less than 7% of capacity loss and continues to cycle further.  The pouch cells that continue to cycle have been going through ongoing tests in SOLiTHOR’s laboratories for several months now at ambient temperature conditions of 25ᵒC with 72 psi applied external pressure.

The industry standard targets for this development phase are 700 charging cycles with a maximum capacity loss of 20%. SOLiTHOR expects to reach this target in the not too distant future. 

According to Dr Fanny Bardé, CTO of SOLiTHOR, “This endurance test is a crucial stepping stone as it proves the durability of our product and the stability of our chemistry at ambient temperature, bringing long-range electric vehicles closer to consumer requirements. The final result of this development could be a battery cell that enables long ranges.”

In addition to cyclability performances, SOLiTHOR has developed energy dense cells of 785Wh/L and 318Wh/kg at stack level.

The demonstration of the cyclability of those Gen1 prototype pouch cells on the one hand, and of the high gravimetric energy and high energy density reached on the other, are key accomplishments in SOLiTHOR’s quest towards delivering a safer, high performance, durable battery technology.

Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO of SOLiTHOR said, “These technical developments underpin the strategic thrust of the all-solid-state lithium metal cell technology for use by the aviation and maritime sectors. The collaboration with aircraft manufacturers and naval architects is providing the impetus behind these results, and provides the confidence to our clients for key performance targets in the coming 2 years.  It also means that SOLiTHOR is getting closer and closer to developing all-solid-state technology for the entire electromobility sector.”

Although SOLiTHOR is only two years old, it is a growing company with in excess of 40 employees by the end of 2024.  Whilst recognising that there is significant work ahead and because of the fast progress made by its team to deliver tangible prototypes with USP, SOLiTHOR has the confidence to acknowledge that it is paving the way to a new class of advanced battery technology using Solid Composite Electrolytes to electrify our society in a  sustainable way – in the air, on the sea and on the land. 

SOLiTHOR’s technology offers compelling value propositions, performance, energy density/weight, safety and manufacturability for its target markets. Its next medium-term target is achieving between 850Wh/L and 900Wh/L.  

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