Ralph Lauren Plans Global ERP for DTC Pivot

 Ralph Lauren Plans Global ERP for DTC Pivot

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is investing in AI-enabled predictive analytics to help manage inventory.

Wholesale channels are faring far worse than DTC for big brands in general, Neil Saunders, managing director of retail at GlobalData, tells CGT.  Department stores are seeing foot-traffic and spending declines, and wholesale channels do not always present brands — particularly higher-end and premium brands — in their best light, he noted.  

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“There has been a general deterioration in standards which is off-putting for many brands. For these reasons, many brands are focusing more on direct-to-consumer sales. In some cases, these can also generate stronger margins and give the brand more control,” he said. 

To connect the dots between channels, Ralph Lauren is also bolstering its analytics capabilities for a better grasp on inventory management — joining the 40% of retailers and 26% of manufacturers who cited this as a top analytics priority this year

As part of this, Ralph Lauren’s pilot of predictive buying models in Asia and Europe stores this year are proving to enable better in-stock availability on sizing and best-selling products, per CEO Patrice Louvet.  

The AI-driven models are resulting in both incremental sales and improved conversion, and the company expects to scale use to about a quarter of its international DTC business this fiscal year. 

“[Ralph Lauren] performs better when it controls the sales channel, and this needs to be a springboard for pushing more heavily into the direct-to-consumer space,” said Saunders. “There are too many key shopping destinations in the U.S. and overseas where Ralph Lauren does not operate stores; this effectively means that the brand loses both visibility and sales.” 

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