PCC’s Texting Platform Revolutionizes How Podiatrists Interact with Patients

 PCC’s Texting Platform Revolutionizes How Podiatrists Interact with Patients

METUCHEN, N.J., May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Podiatry Content Connection (PCC) has been an innovator in content, technology, and digital marketing for podiatrists and chiropodists since 2013.

With their SMS Scheduling & Communication platform, PCC uses the technology of SMS—a universal form of text messaging—to simplify and enhance patient-podiatrist communication. 

This texting platform allows secure messages to be sent and received instantly, so patients can interact with their podiatrist conveniently and quickly from a mobile device. Staff can manage all text communications easily and efficiently to save time, reduce the number of no-shows, and relay vital information instantly, in a way that most patients prefer.

Easy Appointment Scheduling & Timely Reminders
PCC’s SMS Scheduling & Communication platform makes quick work of scheduling appointments and filling empty time slots from last-minute cancellations. 

Also, texting appointment reminders is proven to minimize patient “no shows.” With a simple text reply, patients can confirm or reschedule instead of not showing up, which negatively affects the practice’s bottom line.

Follow-up care instructions, links to test results, and medication schedules can also be texted. Plus, bulk texting can inform patients about new services or other updates.

Boosting a Practices Online Reputation
PCC’s texting platform also makes it easy to request, receive, and manage patient reviews. The automated system texts patients a request to rate their visit, and then sends satisfied patients directly to Google to leave a review. This is critical in building and maintaining a stellar online reputation, as it increases practice visibility and bolsters credibility to potential new patients.

Taking the Hassle Out of Forms
Patients are texted invitations to HIPAA-compliant forms to complete and submit from their phone. Staff can keep track of the patient’s progress during the process and are notified when the form is submitted.

Easy Payment Collection
Giving patients the option to pay bills from their phone creates a convenient, secure and efficient patient experience.

Best of all, practices of any size can start using PCC’s SMS Scheduling & Communication platform easily, with no need for extensive training or equipment purchases.

For more information about PCC’s Scheduling & Communication platform, call 718-475-9449, visit PodiatryCC.com, or follow on Facebook.

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