Optellum showcases AI for precision lung cancer treatment at ASCO 2024

 Optellum showcases AI for precision lung cancer treatment at ASCO 2024

OXFORD, United Kingdom, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Optellum, a global leader in AI-driven clinical decision support for early lung cancer diagnosis, has launched its multimodal therapy AI guidance platform for life science research. The novel AI software and scientific results, showing potential to optimize curative lung cancer treatment, will be showcased for the first time at the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago (31 May—4 June).

Lung cancer often shows no symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage, leaving patients with limited treatment options and less favorable outcomes. However, by continuous automated analysis of the 90 million CT scans US patients receive yearly, it may be possible to create an “early detection system”. Optellum Virtual Nodule Clinic, the first FDA-cleared decision support for early-stage lung cancer, integrates a Patient Discovery AI based on Natural Language Processing with a clinically validated Lung Cancer Prediction (LCP) score based on imaging AI/Radiomics. The combination assists clinicians in identifying at-risk patients across health systems and prioritizing them for follow-up interventions.

Early diagnosis offers patients curative treatment options. Unfortunately, some 30% to 60% of Stage I-II NSCLC patients will experience recurrence after surgery. Accurate prognosis of recurrence risk could enable thoracic oncology teams to optimize treatment early, for example, to tailor the extent of surgical resection and ensure neo-adjuvant and peri-operative treatments are offered to those at risk. To drug developers, it may enable risk-stratifying populations to increase treatment rates, expand indications to earlier stages, and predict treatment response.

Optellum will showcase their precision lung cancer care AI solutions at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2024 Annual Meeting. In the ASCO scientific program (Poster Session, 3rd June, 1:30 pm), Optellum’s clinical partners will present results of AI-guided recurrence prognosis in Stage I-III NSCLC from multi-modal pre-surgical data (Abstract #8066 1) showing significantly increased sensitivity for recurrence compared to staging. The Optellum AI solutions will also be demoed at the CancerLinQ booth (#14013) and ConcertAI booth (#12045).

Christine D. Berg, M.D., the co-principal investigator of the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) at the National Cancer Institute, which paved the way for lung cancer screening implementation, commented: “The accurate determination of prognosis drives treatment decisions in oncology. Radiomic tools combined with demographics, as shown by Optellum, can be an effective non-invasive technology to optimize decision making early in the patient’s journey, which may help to improve outcomes.”

“Our multi-modal AI platform aims to become the ‘operating system’ that guides precision lung cancer care across the patient journey, from early identification to predicting response and monitoring,” said Václav Potěšil, PhD, Founder & Chief Business Officer at Optellum. “Neo-adjuvant therapies are real game changers. Together with our medtech and biopharma partners, we leverage the power of AI to help democratize access to life-saving early diagnosis and precision treatment for every patient who can benefit.”

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About Optellum
Optellum is a commercial-stage lung health company providing artificial intelligence decision-support software that assists physicians in early diagnosis and optimal treatment for their patients. The company was founded so that every lung disease patient is diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible stage when the probability of better health outcomes is highest. The Oxford-based medtech company has been the first to achieve FDA 510(k) clearance and reimbursability for US Medicare patients under CMS New Technology APC for the application of AI decision-support software in lung cancer diagnosis. It has since announced strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including GE HealthcareJohnson & Johnson, and many other top biopharma and medtech companies, while Virtual Nodule Clinic has been implemented in healthcare systems across the USA and Europe. Optellum has headquarters at the Oxford Centre for Innovation in Oxford, UK, and a US office at the Texas Medical Center. For more information, visit optellum.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

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1 Pre- and post-operative lung cancer recurrence prediction following curative surgery: A retrospective study using European radiomics and clinical data. Ann Valter, Tanel Kordemets, Aydan Gasimova, Noah Waterfield Price, Lutz Freitag, Anil Vachani, David Paul Carbone, Kersti Oselin, https://meetings.asco.org/abstracts-presentations/239181

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