Leftovers: Graza olive oil cracks a cold one | Kraft Heinz grills up Stuffed Dogs

 Leftovers: Graza olive oil cracks a cold one | Kraft Heinz grills up Stuffed Dogs

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Leftovers is our look at a few of the product ideas popping up everywhere. Some are intriguing, some sound amazing and some are the kinds of ideas we would never dream of. We can’t write about everything that we get pitched, so here are some leftovers pulled from our inboxes.

Graza olive oil cracks a cold one

Founders of trendy olive oil brand Graza are pushing packaging innovation and introducing refill containers in what looks like beer or soda cans.

Andrew Benin and Allen Dushi said that large-bulk containers are not ideal for maintaining olive oil quality as they welcome oxidation. Thus, Graza “beer-can” refills were born.

The company’s new cans allow customers to refill their Graza Squeeze Bottles. Customers who have their own olive oil carafes at home can buy 100% recyclable Graza refills, the company said. 

The EVOO beer cans are lightweight, according to the company, allowing Graza to keep shipping costs low and in turn keep costs as low as possible for consumers. “Beer cans are also 100% opaque, protecting our oil from the oxidative force of light,” explained Benin. 

Benin said that the Graza team was looking to elicit “emotional resonance,” for consumers when they decided to use the beer-can as a vessel for Graza’s refillable options. “Apart from being made from 100% recyclable aluminum, the beer can is a culturally celebrated and familiar vessel, providing Americans with joyous beverage experiences from seltzer, soda, and beer, to non-alcoholic beverages”

This is the second innovation for Graza since its founding in 2021.

Looking to champion home chefs, the first Drizzle and Sizzle bottles were launched in fun, first-to-market chef-inspired squeeze bottles. 

Graza’s Drizzle and Sizzle oils for cooking and finishing went viral on social media with consumers taking to Tik Tok to use the brand’s highly recognizable bottles.

Now, its second innovation –– Graza’s Sizzle Refill Cooking EVOO and Drizzle Refill Finishing EVOO is available nationally at select Whole Foods Market stores.

 “The beer cans are such a creative way to execute something that almost every kitchen has, and as their leading retailer we’re excited to bring this innovation to our customers,” said Brooke Gil, principal category merchant of Olive Oil at Whole Foods Market in a statement. 

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oscar mayer stuffed cheese dogs

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Courtesy of Kraft Heinz


Kraft Heinz fires up the grill with Stuffed Dogs

As Memorial Day approaches, a leading hot dog brand is introducing a new twist on a classic to bring to cookouts and barbecues this summer.

Oscar Mayer launched Stuffed Dogs, hot dogs filled with flavored cheese. They arrive in three varieties: Cheese, Jalapeño Cheddar and Chili Cheese.

Kraft Heinz’s move to reimagine its famous hot dog came as the company took notice of consumer tastes evolving, with more consumers adding spice and flavor to their hot dogs.

In the press release, the company pointed to Grubhub data indicating millions of consumers asked for extra spice with their restaurant orders, and IRI research which found that cheese dogs are currently outpacing regular hot dogs in dollar growth.

“Whether seeking a spicy twist or pop of creamy cheese, we strive to feed fans’ appetite for category offerings that are currently only available from quick service restaurants,” said Molly White, vice president of marketing for Oscar Mayer.

Kraft Heinz has continuously prioritized innovating or overhauling its existing household name products as a way to keep the brands fresh. Last year, it launched another Oscar Mayer innovation, Scramblers egg bowls in the refrigerated breakfast category, a collaboration with the company’s cheese dip Velveeta. In March, the CPG giant launched Oscar Mayer plant-based hot dogs and sausages as part of its partnership with NotCo.

Pedro Navio, Kraft Heinz’s North American president, said in an interview with Food Dive last fall that the company is relying on innovation to help reach its goal of $2 billion in incremental net sales by 2027.

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Palermo Villa's new Nothin’ But Toppings Pizza Bowls.

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Courtesy of Palermo Villa


Pizza ditches the dough

Pizza maker Palermo Villa is abandoning the dough and bringing all the popular toppings usually on the food item to a bowl in its latest product innovation.

The Milwaukee-based company’s Screamin’ Sicilian brand is launching the new offering in four varieties: Pepperoni, Supreme, Italian Style Meatball and Multi-Meat. The bowls, which take four minutes to microwave, have 21 grams or more of protein. They are available at banners owned by grocery giant Kroger.  

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