Kellanova CTO Details ‘Leap’ Into AI: Clinics, Pilots, and Guardrails

 Kellanova CTO Details ‘Leap’ Into AI: Clinics, Pilots, and Guardrails

Kellanova is implementing artificial intelligence as part of its pursuit to use technology as a catalyst for inclusion, innovation, and business success. 

CTO Ramesh Kollepara recently shared the company’s AI roadmap and ongoing progress during the Leap 2024 tech conference. 

Workforce Education

At the top of the priority list is equipping its workforce with the tools and resources needed to forge an enterprise-wide understanding of this technology and potential use cases. As part of this, the company recently launched “Kuriosity Clinics” which give associates across all titles and functions the ability to explore generative AI with Microsoft Copilot for the web. 

“We have had an exceptional response,” said Kollepara. “Nearly 6,000 people have attended the optional clinics, with lively interaction and many creative ideas. You never know, our next new snack may be inspired by AI!”

Additionally, the company has been providing upskilling opportunities across technical, soft, and industry-specific skills through its Year of Development Always (YODA) education program so teams are up to date on programming languages, data science, machine learning algorithms, emotional intelligence tactics, and AI ethics and governance.

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