How AI Can Build a Strategic Advantage In Customer Experience

 How AI Can Build a Strategic Advantage In Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is cruising through the hype cycle, and brands are learning how to adapt and prepare for the future. While it’s hardly new, the increase in awareness around generative AI has created an early-adopter advantage for the organizations that can effectively leverage AI.

Building off the recent The Next Big Thing: AI report, this conversation with Michael Klein, head of retail product marketing at Talkdesk, digs into how brands and retailers are evolving their strategies when it comes to AI investments. 

Watch to learn some of the true AI innovation occurring in retail and consumer goods, some of today’s most common misconceptions, and what organizations should have on their radar when it comes to this impactful technology. 

About the Speaker

Michael Klein is the head of retail product marketing for Talkdesk, a leader in contact center software. Klein is a trusted executive advisor to enterprise brands and was named a 2024 Top Retail Expert by Rethink Retail. As a global business leader with deep expertise in the technology and consumer industries, he is known for authenticity and getting to the heart of the matter. He has a wealth of experience in marketing, merchandising, technology, customer experience, e-Commerce, and digital transformation.

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