Gen Z scale back on non-essentials to prioritise healthy food

 Gen Z scale back on non-essentials to prioritise healthy food

According to latest research Gen Z are “leading a movement towards healthy eating” and are “scaling-back” on non-essentials such as Netflix.

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Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, are reportedly making lifestyle changes, scaling-back on non-essentials such as streaming services like Netflix and prioritising the purchase of healthy food, according to latest research from Lifesum.

“In this era of escalating costs, luxuries become dispensable, but a nourishing, balanced diet does not. While entertainment and gadgets have their appeal, it’s healthy food that Gen Z prioritise in their hectic lifestyles,” commented Signe Svanfeldt, Lead Nutritionist at Lifesum.

The data can be found in Lifesum’s 2024 State of Healthy Eating and Wellbeing Report, which explored consumer dietary habits. The report found that, due to the cost-of-living crisis, Gen Z are willing to make “sacrifices” for healthier eating, including fashion, tech and streaming services.

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In fact, the report found that 62 percent of Gen Z shared that they would cut back fashion purchases to prioritise spending on healthier food. Meanwhile, 55 percent said they would do the same for tech and gadgets, 37 percent for online courses and 36 percent for streaming services.

Lifesum has highlighted that, for Gen Z, healthy eating has “emerged as an affordable and accessible source of pleasure, particularly at a time when indulging in major experiences like travel may seem unattainable”.

“Investing in health today can lead to long-term benefits, potentially reducing healthcare costs down the line,” continued Signe.

“As the cost-of-living crisis continues, health is becoming a significant focus and reflects a growing desire for self-care and responsible spending,” Signe concluded.

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