Estée Lauder Opens AI Innovation Lab to Expedite R&D and Social Listening

 Estée Lauder Opens AI Innovation Lab to Expedite R&D and Social Listening

The Estée Lauder Companies is bolstering its R&D strategy and social and consumer listening through tech-powered efforts in a new AI Innovation Lab. 

The lab was created alongside Microsoft, which expands Estée Lauder’s relationship, first established in 2017. It will help the beauty company expedite product innovation for the 20 brands across its portfolio.

As part of the effort, the company has created an internal generative AI-enabled chatbot that uses conversational technology to bolster marketing, combing through Estée Lauder’s product and claim database to pinpoint trends that could turn into relevant campaigns.  

The company also expects the initiative to elevate research and development, resulting in faster product development and increased agility in identifying product and ingredient trends. 

The joint press release from the companies stated the ongoing relationship has already resulted in innovative solutions, including a voice-enabled makeup assistant, accessible via a mobile app and launched in 2023 to help visually impaired users apply makeup. 

Estée Lauder launched this app to a limited audience in the U.S., UK, and Ireland, but expects to expand accessibility to more markets and languages this year. 

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