Dr. Scott Leune is No Longer Affiliated with Breakaway Seminars

 Dr. Scott Leune is No Longer Affiliated with Breakaway Seminars

SAN ANTONIO, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Scott Leune is no longer affiliated with Breakaway Seminars, Dental Whale, Dental Fix, Front Office Rocks, or Dental Whale Practice Group. Dr. Leune is no longer a shareholder, employee, lecturer, or board member for the companies. Dr. Leune will be announcing his new company and new website www.scottleune.com in the coming weeks.

This retracts a previous press release Dr. Leune issued on May 7, 2024, as that press release may have created the incorrect impression that Dr. Leune’s new company was in any way related to Breakaway Seminars or https://www.breakawayseminar.com/.

Media Contact:
Scott V Mortier – Chief Revenue Officer – scottleune.com
[email protected]

About Dr. Scott Leune:
Dr. Scott Leune is the founder of numerous dental practice startups, including Breakaway Practice, Dental Whale, Front Desk DDS, Unlimitech, and DW Savings Network. He is a trailblazer in dentistry, with a career marked by opening, building, and selling numerous dental practices. Dr. Leune has helped launch over 200 startups nationwide and supported more than 20,000 dentists in purchasing, marketing, and consulting. He has been recognized as one of the 30 most influential people in dentistry and trains dentists in advanced practice management.

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