Discover the Future of Monitors and Mobile Screens

 Discover the Future of Monitors and Mobile Screens

NEW YORK, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Computex, held annually in Taipei, Taiwan, is one of the world’s largest and most influential tech exhibitions, showcasing the latest innovations from leading brands. Computex 2024 is generating excitement with new advancements in laptops, desktops, monitors, and next-generation silicon from major chipmakers, making it a must-attend event for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and media.

This year marks a significant milestone, dear readers, as the emerging tech company KTC( steps into the spotlight with its cutting-edge OLED monitors, diverse LCD models, and the groundbreaking mobile screen, showcasing unparalleled technological innovation and excellence to a global audience.

As a trailblazer in the tech industry, KTC( is dedicated to delivering the most advanced monitor technologies to users. At this year’s exhibition, KTC is unveiling a lineup of highly anticipated products:

In the OLED monitor segment, KTC ( introduces three flagship products: the 48-inch G48P5S (, the 32-inch G32P5, and the 27-inch G27P6 ( OLED gaming monitors. Featuring UHD resolution and refresh rates up to 240Hz, these monitors promise an exceptional visual feast and seamless gaming experience for eSports enthusiasts. The G32P5, with its 32-inch OLED UHD display and 240Hz refresh rate, sets a new standard for immersive and fluid gaming experiences.

The smart monitor series is equally impressive. The 32-inch A32Q8 smart monitor, combining UHD resolution with intelligent features, is the perfect choice for home entertainment and office use. This monitor comes equipped with Google TV, enabling users to easily switch between working as a professional monitor and enjoying it as a streaming TV. The versatility of this smart monitor makes it a valuable addition to any setup.

Additionally, KTC’s LCD monitor series shines brightly. Whether it’s the 32-inch H32T13( office monitor or the 27-inch H27E22 and U27T6 gaming monitors, each delivers outstanding image quality and performance. The U27T6 stands out with its use of carbon fiber materials, providing a textured and premium feel. The carbon fiber construction not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and lightweight design, making it an excellent choice for high-performance gaming.

The 25-inch H25X7 and 24-inch Q24T09 gaming monitors, with their ultra-high refresh rates, have become favorites among gamers. The H25X7, in particular, stands out with its remarkable core feature: an astounding 360Hz refresh rate, guaranteeing unparalleled smoothness and responsiveness for an exceptional gaming experience.

KTC( is also set to introduce a pioneering mobile monitor, the A32Q7 PRO. This 32-inch smart portable panel is a revolutionary display device, offering flexibility and adaptability across various scenarios. This mobile screen, equipped with Google TV, functions like a giant smart-pad, making it perfect for entertainment and productivity on the go. Imagine deploying a large screen effortlessly, anytime and anywhere, whether in a conference room, exhibition hall, or at home for a family movie night. Designed with lightweight materials and advanced display technology, the mobile screen ensures crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colors while being easy to operate and store. Perfect for business presentations, advertising, education, and entertainment, the mobile screen provides unparalleled convenience and an exceptional visual experience. Its portability and high performance make it an ideal choice for modern living and working. Embrace the endless possibilities of the mobile screen and break free from the confines of fixed monitors—enjoy what you want, when you want, where you want!

KTC’s booth is a focal point of this exhibition, drawing tech enthusiasts, professionals, and media representatives from around the globe. Attendees will have the chance to experience KTC’s latest innovations firsthand and explore potential collaborations with the KTC team.

As a dynamic and innovative brand, KTC remains committed to creating smarter, more convenient, and safer living experiences. We warmly invite you to join KTC in exploring the future of technology, sharing in our innovative achievements, and creating a brighter future together!

SOURCE Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd.

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