BALEAF & SOJOS to host “Summer it up” summer fashion extravaganza!

 BALEAF & SOJOS to host “Summer it up” summer fashion extravaganza!

NEW YORK, June 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leading fashion brands baleaf and SOJOS are teaming up to present a spectacular summer fashion event, Summer it up set to take place this June in Chicago. More than just a fashion show, this event aims to empower individuals to define their unique style for the summer season as baleaf’s signature clothing lines merge seamlessly with SOJOS chic sunglasses, bringing a burst of color to Chicago’s summer scene.

“The aim is to encourage everyone to define their own summer style,” said Katherine Cheung. They firmly believe that fashion should be liberating and devoid of any pressure. Whether you prefer athletic wear or trendy eyewear, this event guarantees a wide array of fashion options that cater to diverse tastes, allowing you to confidently showcase your unique individuality and personal flair.”

Baleaf’s featured clothing lines include the freeleaf yoga collection and the sun-dur outdoor collection. The freeleaf yoga collection promotes the ethos of “free your body, free your mind,” utilizing lycra adaptive fiber technology for unparalleled comfort, ideal for yoga enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality. Meanwhile, the sun-dur outdoor collection champions the slogan “stay protected and comfortable with sun-dur,” boasting sun-dur fabric for all-around protection and comfort, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

SOJOS, renowned for its fashionable women’s sunglasses, has launched newly upgraded TR90 sports sunglasses and floating sunglasses this summer. Perfectly combining “lightness” with fashion, SOJOS advocates for light exercise and light outdoor activities. Whether on the track, hiking trails, or at the beach, SOJOS provides professional sun protection and allows you to enjoy freedom and comfort while maintaining a stylish look.

The goal of this collaborative event is to inspire individuals to embrace their own summer style. Both baleaf and SOJOS prioritize not only aesthetics but also comfort and functionality in their products, offering consumers a diverse array of fashion choices. With this event, organizers believe everyone will discover their ideal summer look and radiate their unique charm.

The event will showcase a range of summer-ready attire suitable for various occasions, whether it’s beach vacations, outdoor adventures, or casual outings. Embracing the ethos of encouraging self-confidence and inclusivity, the organizers aspire to redefine summer fashion as carefree and empowering.

Get ready as baleaf & SOJOS’ “Summer it up” summer fashion extravaganza kicks off in Chicago this  June! Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey into summer style!

Now you can click this link to see the baleaf X SOJOS campaign page by yourself, enjoy.


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