Adore Me Gets Customizable Design Boost Through Generative AI

 Adore Me Gets Customizable Design Boost Through Generative AI

Adore Me

AM by You; Credit: Adore Me

Victoria’s Secret’s DTC lingerie brand Adore Me restructured its organization in 2021 to focus on emerging technologies and launch its own operating platform. The latest innovation from that investment is AM by You, a generative AI-powered tool that allows customers to design their own bralettes and panty sets.

Hosted on the brand’s website, the beta version of the tool allows shoppers to use text inputs to create personalized prints using proprietary AI technology. The tool was trained to produce images that resemble fashion prints rather than being photorealistic. During the pilot, 70% of users generated more than one prompt. Sessions lasted four minutes on average and spanned 5.4 prompts. 

“Up until now, customizable clothing has largely been reserved for simple images and words. As generative AI is making its way into the mainstream, we set out on a mission to bring AI’s benefits to the everyday consumer,” Adore Me founder and CEO Morgan Hermand said in a statement. “We are proud to get our customers more involved in the design process of their own pieces. We are harnessing generative AI to deliver completely unique designs from start to finish, while maintaining our core values of inclusive sizing, sustainable manufacturing practices, and exceptional quality.”

Personalized sets start at $54.95 and are produced on demand through Adore Me’s ongoing partnership with MAS’ digital printer This prevents wasted materials and also uses 99% percent less water than traditional printing.

Adore Me’s Innovative Strategy

Adore Me has been using AI to streamline its content creation process since 2021. The brand believes that technology must be embedded into every business function in order to keep up with the constantly changing nature of shopping. Other internal tools that Adore Me has used to solve its current and short-term business challenges include an algorithm-based try-at-home subscription box and a self-serve platform for influencer campaigns.

Adore Me initially disrupted the industry by being the first lingerie brand to offer extended sizing across all categories and its investments are intended to keep it on the cutting edge. Last year, the brand launched the Adore Me Sustainability Accelerator, providing data on its own supply chain and manufacturing processes to startups looking to develop case studies. 

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