A New Addition to Their Growing Fitness Portfolio

 A New Addition to Their Growing Fitness Portfolio

Founded in 2014 by a team passionate about delivering an inclusive and effective full-body workout through the sport of rowing, Row House has rapidly grown across the nation. This addition brings a unique, low-impact, high-energy fitness experience to the Extraordinary Brands family, further diversifying the company’s offerings.

“Row House aligns perfectly with our vision of providing varied and top-notch fitness experiences,” said RJ Krone, President of Extraordinary Brands. “We are thrilled to incorporate this innovative rowing concept into our portfolio, enhancing our franchise business with a brand that embodies community, diversity, and exceptional results.”

As part of Extraordinary Brands, Row House is set to receive robust support in marketing, operations, and growth strategies, ensuring the continued success and expansion of its unique fitness model. The acquisition underscores Extraordinary Brands’ commitment to creating a diverse portfolio that meets the varied fitness needs of people across all levels.

About Row House

Row House is a boutique fitness brand that focuses on rowing-based group workouts, offering a unique and inclusive exercise experience.  The training program combines rowing intervals with floor-based strength exercises, offering a full-body workout that is scalable to all fitness levels. For more information about Row House, visit: https://www.therowhouse.com/.

About Extraordinary Brands

Extraordinary Brands was founded by Paul Flick in 2022 as a multi-franchisor platform with shared membership across boutique fitness and wellness brands. Currently, pūrvelo and Eat the Frog Fitness are part of the growing lineup of brands the company plans to acquire. Extraordinary Brands aims to offer a diverse portfolio, including pilates, spin, barre, and HIIT concepts. Visit www.extraordinarybrands.com to learn more.

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